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Below invoice and shipping information is in effect for all deliveries from CC-Danish-Modern.

The terms are in force when there are no other written agreements between you as the buyer and CC Danish Modern.

Payment must be received prior to shipping.

Documentation and guidance
When a piece of furniture (or another article) at CC Danish Modern has the specification of architect/ designer and/or manufacturer is it substantiated from either labelling, written sources or the experience of CC Danish Modern.
All articles at CC Danish Modern are – unless the informativ labelling says something different – second hand in reasonable condition after normal use and without serious damages.

Delivery and transportation
Delivery of goods from CC-Danish-Modern is considered to have taken place, when the buyer has had the goods handed over.
Unless other agreements have been made the shipment of goods in Denmark will be undertaken by JH Transport Ltd.

Risk of the goods:
Risk of the goods bought at CC Danish Modern is transferred to you as buyer at the time of delivery.

Possible defects or deficiencies, which do not emerge from the informativ labelling, must be quoted in a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. It is your duty to point out and on demand show how the defect or the deficiency appear. If you discover a defect, you must quickly address CC Danish Modern. You can as benchmark only make complaints about defects, which shows latest 14 days after you have received the article.

Price and payment: In this shop you can order your goods online and pay via Stripe or PayPal.

All prices in CC Danish Modern are inclusive of Danish “Used” VAT, which is not refundable.

Right to withdraw:
CC Danish Modern gives 14 days right to withdraw from the day you receive your goods.
Its your duty to return the articles in the same condition and in the same numbers as you received them.
You pay the expenses of the returning yourself.

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